Cueva talks to donSMITH

Cueva talks to donSMITH

Jan 8th 2021

We recently sat down with New York City based musician donSMITH to chat about fashion, music, his creative process and more. donSMITH is proud to represent his home town Harlem, New York. Don tells us how his style and music are inspired by the speed at which life in his city moves. 

Don views style as an "all inclusive" idea. It's more than just clothes for Don, it's about feeling confident and wearing something functional. Like so many in New York, life moves at 100 mph for Don so feeling comfortable but looking good is important to him. Don feels he can express himself and his energy not only through music but his clothes. 

Cueva: What's the creative process like for donSMITH?

donSMITH: My creative process is about routine. I find that getting into a routine is most helpful for me because it keeps me organized. I'm planning, creating, executing and having an output at the end of the day. Having some sort of formula is important to me. 

His new album Don't Ask Me Where I'm From is in his own words "the most complete thing I've ever done". He pays homage to his hometown and his cultural identity throughout the project. We like to think of Don's sound like a nod to classic New York City rap with a refreshing donSMITH take.