Collection: JKEEFER


New York, USA

JKEEFER was established in New York City, 2020 by Creative Director Joseph Keefer. Founded on the principles of subverting the wardrobe by creating timeless and trend adverse collections, JKEEFER is informed by subtle attitudes which create the brands signature designs. The JKEEFER wardrobe articulates the theme of discipline. Through a creative process informed by the minimalist midcentury design ethos, contrasting against the tension of punk and hardcore attitudes, these are the systems which speak to the irreverent signature of JKEEFER. Guided by detailed tailoring, JKEEFER is dedicated to using exceptional fabrics and ethically sourced materials from Italy. The Pecora Nera merino, organic cashmeres and BCI cottons are all intrinsic to the brand's ethos and high quality standards.