Plain Toe with Ripple Sole Black Suede

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Yuketen’s Plain Toe with Ripple Sole style is entirely hand-cut and bench-made in Mexico with American semi-modified lasts from the 1930s for an ideal union of comfort and style. The modified lasts were originally designed to stop the wearer from over-pronating, helping them to correct their gait and develop a better, healthier walking motion. As such, the semi-modified lasts provide exceptional arch support to the structure of the foot. 

The fundamental components for this style are suede leather uppers lined with soft-tanned cow leather for added comfort and a foundation that is constructed of a combination of vegetable-tanned leather midsoles and Vibram Ripple soles. Vibram’s Ripple sole is inspired by the original Ripple Sole design by Nathan Hack who invented his Ripple Sole for U.S. paratroopers in the 1950’s. Ripple soles perform best on hard and flat surfaces due to their impact-absorbing design. 

Yuketen’s meticulous Goodyear stitches are made by a sturdy 1910 German-made welt stitcher and all Goodyear stitches are hand-notched for added security. This dandy style verges toward formal elegance while simultaneously maintaining all core principles and construction techniques for high-quality handmade footwear.

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